Tennis Arbitrage Betting Strategy Guide 2021

The concept of making money from tennis betting without the risk and stress of losses may seem a distant dream, but in fact there is a way to achieve this. In fact there are hundreds of opportunities in betting markets right now that you can take advantage of.

What is Tennis Arbitrage Betting ?

Tennis arbitrage betting is the process of placing two wagers simultaneously with separate bookmaker websites.  Because of the difference in odds and large range of betting sites, its possible to bet on a market and then an opposing selection to lock in a profit.

This method is sometimes referred to as ‘arbing’ or ‘surebetting’

Arbitrage bets do not rely on a specific outcome, the whole idea relies on the fact that regardless which player wins, the person placing the wagers will make a modest profit.

On a scale large scale and with decent capital investment, this can produce a considerably stream of monetary income. The risk will be zero if the process if followed correctly.

Tennis Arbitrage Scenario Examples

Each day there are hundreds of arbitrage opportunities within the tennis betting markets. The large range of bookmakers and matches create a real chance of making profit with no risk.

arbitrage betting example

tennis arbitrage example

It is possible to make large profits with a single bet, but in most cases it will be small profit when compared to the stake. Remember though, it’s guaranteed profit and is risk free, so it certainly shouldn’t be underestimated as an option for income.

Sports Arbitrage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is Arbitrage Betting Legal?

Answer: Yes, it’s legal in all countries where sports gambling is permitted. Sometimes individual companies may choose to limit or suspend customer accounts that they suspect are using arbitrage betting however. That’s why we advise using Pinnacle Sports for one of your bookmakers as they offer full support of arbitrage betting.

The closure of accounts with other bookmakers is rare but can occur, this is one of the few disadvantages of arbitrage sports betting. As stated above though, there are some betting sites that permit it, so that negates this downside completely.

The main advice we would offer is to be start small with your stakes even if the returns (profit) will be low. It’s important to get used to the arbitrage techniques and not to increase your bet sizes by an alarming amount quickly and this could lead to limitations.

Question: Can United States (USA) Individuals do Arbitrage Tennis Betting given the limited range of bookmakers available?

Answer: In a word, yes. However it will be more challenging as there will be less arbitrage betting opportunities available. This is for various reasons but mainly because of the fact there are fewer sports betting sites operating for USA players.

Consequently; competition is less and the odds for events are typically lower. Resulting in less opportunities to make a guaranteed profit. It is certainly possible however using sites such as BetOnline.

Question: If Profits are Guaranteed, why doesn’t everyone do this?

Answer: The simple answer is most bettors are unaware of the opportunities that arbitrage trading offer. The betting companies aren’t over keen on promoting it and would rather it was kept a secret for obvious reasons.

The most appealing factor about Arbitrage betting is that, unlike other ‘make money online’ scams, the result can be verified before any monetary investment is made.

After identifying a tennis arbitrage opportunity, the profit for all outcomes can be quickly and easily calculated by the investor.

It’s easy to track the exact investment required for a trade and the return you will get. There is no element of risk as all outcomes in the match are covered.

Tennis Arbitrage Software & Systems

Most of those who are skeptical about Tennis arbitrage betting state that they support the concept, but in reality it’s impossible to search all the odds and perform the required calculations quickly enough for it to be an efficient source of income.

To be honest, they had a point, but a solution is now available as numerous software solutions have been released which find the arbitrage opportunities automatically with very little input from the user themselves.

Let’s take a look at the two main offerings in this market.

1.) – a software solution that has identified over 600,000 betting opportunities with an average profit of 9.58% in recent months. The main selections are sent to paid members only, but low profit arbitrage bets can be accessed for free via their site.

2.) – the market leader with arguably the most sophisticated software. The basic version is free and their arbitrage bets make between 10-15 profit per month for a few hours work.

We highly recommend using software solutions such as those mentioned above as it is close to impossible to work manually in the markets given the required speed and accuracy. Give a free trial account a try.

Starting Bankroll / Investment Requirements

As a general rule, Arbitrage betting offers a guaranteed small profit for a numerous large stakes. There are exceptions where very considerable amounts can be made, but these are rare.

Having $1000 or your currency equivalent to start with is a good base. This is a large enough capital investment to exploit the opportunities that rise in the market. It is possible to operate arbitrage betting on smaller budgets however, especially if your invest more time and trade more frequently to compensate.

Projected Return on Investment (ROI)

It’s difficult to predict exactly how much an individual will make from tennis surebetting, but a good indication is looking at the past results of the aforementioned software solutions.

arbitrage betting profit

Realistically, if a new arbitrage bettor invests the required time and effort, which isn’t that much if a software solution is used, then they should expect to generate a profit of between 5-20% each month.

Although clearly there will be variance given the nature of the tennis betting markets. Some months there will be less opportunities whereas in others there will be more. As with tennis arbitrage betting, all bets lead to a profit, more bets will lead to higher profit.

Which Bookmaker / Sports Betting Sites are best for ‘Arbs’?

A successful tennis arbitrage trader will require multiple sports betting accounts. As mentioned above, Pinnacle Sports are the number one choice in this field hands down.

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tennis betting exchange


Potential Disadvantages of Tennis Arbitrage Betting

As with most things in life, there are some downsides to sports arbitrage betting which it’s always wise to consider before making any form of investment. Fortunately, most of these pitfalls are small and don’t take away from the money making potential overall.

negatives of tennis arbitrage betting
The disadvantages of Sports Arbitrage Trading, most can be worked around with simply steps.

How to Get Started with Tennis ‘Surebetting’

Step 1 –  Open Multiple Sports Betting Accounts

We’d suggest Pinnacle Sports as your main account given the fact they actually support Arbitrage betting players. Consider any other sites that offer good tennis odds and free deposits.

Step 2 – Register / Download Arbitrage Software

The main choices in this sector are RebelBetting and Arbets. Both offer free and premium options for new members. They provide the tools required to perform arbitrage trading effectively.

Step 3 – Use the Opportunities Identified to make a Profit

On average, you can expect to make between 10-15% Profit in an average month from Tennis arbitrage betting, but this can clearly vary and it’s important to make sure you are never risking a loss.


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