4. Surebet Services

I’ve suggested above already that even if you’re the only arbitrageur where you live by chance, you’ve got plenty of colleagues all over the world. Probably, there are several hundred people who earn money this way full time – and thousands of arg opportunities every month. These opportunities can be found by means of the main arb service systems – and thus they vanish incredibly fast. So, although early on your way into the world of arbitrage it is crucial to subscribe to some arb services, once you find your chance on arbitrage you will have to act very, very quickly. Later on I will tell you how to hunt lucky arbs on your own, including the most subtle, low profile ones, not scanned by the above mentioned services presently. But right now – arb service is your choice! There are plenty of systems like that, each with its own virtues. A word of warning, however – do not pay attention to the ones that base their work on sending emails or texts. Those are just too poogie – the arb will likely be gone before you get to your PC, if not before you even read the message. About 90% of all arbs that can be found through these services really last only for a few minutes or so, unless there is something off about them, meaning they are not available in truth or that there is a ‘palpable error’, or maybe it’s the service that errs. The sterling arbs last for a few minutes – I cannot emphasize this enough! I am one hundred percent sure (although I’ve got no bald statement of fact as proof) that certain books can occasionally set up an arbitrage deal with a very mean liability limit on purpose, knowing that this way their site will get extra traffic. The visitors can fund their accounts obversely for the sake of the arb, or they can stay and take interest in a different bet… Plenty of variants – but traffic is always traffic, and some of the bookmaker site will go for miles just to get more. And to remind their targeted audience about their existence, of course! What led me to this opinion is the frequent situation where the arb price disappears magically as soon as you try to make a bet, or maybe you suddenly get limited to a grotesquely insignificant sum. If by that time you’ve already done the other leg, you find yourself in a really unpleasant situation – as you can understand. Which is an additional reason to watch the books you sign up for. Don’t expect the distant, rank-and-file bookmakers to be decent! And – watch closely some who are on my first list, too, like Expekt and Betwin: when you see an arb there, be swift and make their leg your first priority, because they’ve been known to force low limits upon their customers and to make superfast price changes, as well.

As I noted before, it’s my opinion that you can be successful with the majority subscriber services (although several are not an option solely for computer-connected reasons), since, come to think of it, it’s not necessary for them to excel in order for you to get long term benefits. These service rely on downloadable software (or, in other cases, on a front-end webpage), and the prices for the usage, according to the 2007 stats, start from 30 per month and end at about 150 per month. If you wish to benefit from only 10 per arb (a realistic option!) and get two arb for each of the five working days of the week, your profit wil comprise something like 400 per month – which shows that the subscription pays it way. Of course, when I say it I happily assume that you aren’t going to make mistakes and will always be successful in getting all the arb legs on. This is often a huge assumption – especially if you are beginner… But let us have faith! Even though I wouldn’t have written this book if the world of arbs was all hearts, flowers and easy bets. It is normal to err at starting your life as an arbitrageur. And it’s normal to work at a slower pace than needed at first, before you get into the rhythm. It’s even normal to start thinking you’re just losing time and money here – from time to time. But do have faith, and also do have motivation. It will help you to tide over the initial irritation and make genuine profit. What you put into arbs, you get back – and this is true! I still remember my first month in arbitrage, when, after losing around 700 with all my mistakes, stumbling over ‘palpable errors’, one leg left hanging, forgetting to press ‘confirm’, confusing the pitchers when it came to pitchers etc, I realized my profit amounted to 300. I seemed to have invented a whole world of brand new arbitrage-related mistakes! And there’s always a chance you can surpass me, if not in the very beginning, than later on the way. But, like in all areas of life, you will minimise the mistakes and learn from them – the faster the better. Back to the topic: if I hadn’t erred so much in my first months, I’d get 1000 profit – and I was only trying it! I had seven, well, maybe eight accounts and 500 per up for my bets. Okay, 500 was what I aimed it, but quite often I merely couldn’t get the sum on. Now you can find it surprising all you want, but in my first month I got many arbs at Skybet. They treat themselvesc as a big fish, but truly, their limits on may sports are low – often I could only get a hundred with them, after a phone call contrary to using the site. Arbitrageurs used to laugh about the infamous 0.20 limit displayed on their site. Twenty pence, you’ve read it correctly! Their staff informed me that they found monitoring the liabilities via the phone easier than with the help of the site, although I still think that they could have just redesigned the site instead – maybe, to make it more than Ladbroke’s? Oh, I don’t like to follow the example of the many arbitrageurs in picking on the prosperous bookmaker’s just because I can. I can’t remember a single problem with Ladbroke’s. Their prices are generally good, heap of times they are one of the legs of an arb (a wonderful sign!), their website helps to get significant sums of money. Considering that speed is your key weapon, try to always use the Internet for arbitrage bets placement. The phone is rarely fast, especially when you have to deal with someone like Pinnacle. Also, the calls are expensive – which immediately feeds onto your potential profit. Online is best! A bit later I’ll tell you everything about the web sites navigation, including valuable information on shortcuts to make everything move faster. Have I told you how important speed is already? Oh, really? So many times? Well, I’ll repeat it again. There are special browsers you can buy specifically for this purpose, but to my mind Mozilla Firefox is sufficient, as long as you set it up according to the bookmakers’ sites conditions. And it’s free of charge!

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