It is a Windows application to identify and convey sports betting arbitrage openings. It was created by Clarobet AB, a software company in Sweden. Those involved were programmers and sports betting specialists. It started in late 2007 when two software engineers and two poker players began building up the application. In 2009 they had clients from 60 countries and were assigned to the Young Entrepreneur grant. RebelBetting now has clients from more than 120 countries.

Main features

RebelBetting gathers odds and shows arbitrage openings from 54 bookmakers. The product tries to make betting as simple as possible, reasonable for both amateurs and expert bettors. The following table shows the markets and sports they cover.

The refresh rate is just 1 second on selected Betfair chances and 15 seconds on all other Betfair odds. Different bookmakers are filtered once every minute, but in the next release, it will be more enhanced.

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Unique features

What stands out most about RebelBetting is its Auto-login and Auto-surf feature where the user is automatically logged into the bookmaker, locate the real sport, league and market. Highlighted for quicker access to the arbitrage are the members and odds. How this works is by revealing to RebelBetting your username and secret key on all bookmakers, something not everyone will allow.

The arbitrage window demonstrates all arbs available given current user settings. Every arbitrage displays itself in a row and includes the arb rate, time until the event begins the arb age, members and every outcome.  Arbs can be played using more than one bookmaker (with different arb rates). To view every single available arb for a similar event and market, you can click on the in plus sign to extend the view. You will see different choices (chances from various bookmakers for a similar market). As you select different odds, arbitrage rate is re-computed and displayed. It is illustrated in the picture below.

RebelBetting cases to distinguish and display possible dangerous circumstances. The following is a rundown of these notices:

  • Palpable Error: A bookmaker can cancel a bet, asserting it was a discernable mistake regularly known as a “palp.” This can happen when a bookmaker has made a mix-up, for example, turned around the odds of a match or some other sort of coincidental blunder made while citing them.
  • Reversed participants: This notice is simply to tell you that order of members will not be the same on both bookmakers. It occurs for example if a match is played at unbiased ground and no group is the home group.
  • Different rules: Bookmakers in the arb have different rules in regards to tennis matches.
  • Stake capturing: This notice distinguishes bookmakers that occasionally void part or the greater part of your bet when you place it.
  • Same bookie: It displays this warning while selecting an arb where at least two results in an arb are on a similar bookmaker.
  • Baseball notice: This is simply to caution users that the bet is in a baseball match, to remind them to think about beginning pitchers and date and time of the game.
  • Not signed in to Betfair: If you do not log into Betfair, the odds will not display.

Users can set a few alarms that will sound or show in particular circumstances. RebelBetting can play two unique sounds when arbs are over a certain rate, and another sound to notice middles. It can likewise display a balloon, pop up window or bring it to front depending on the arb rate.

Subscribers can download the free digital book that lets you know all that you have to think about putting down sure bets. A comprehensive e-book is available for paid membership.

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There are three types of filters in RebelBetting: arbitrage, bookmakers and market filters. Arbitrage filters include:

  • Filter arbitrages between a minimum and maximum rate
  • Filter arbitrage in view of its dependability (low, medium, high).
  • Filter arbitrage on exchanges in light of volume. One can set a minimum profit for Betfair, BETDAQ, and Smarkets.
  • Middles can be indicated by a specific arbitrage rate (which can be from – 5% to 5%).
  • Users can hide certain arbs: with a similar bookmaker on two legs, with three results, beginning too early or too far, excessively old, and with or without lay odds.
  • Arbitrage with mixed rules on tennis can appear or not.

The diagram below shows the arbitrage filters.

Users can pick bookmakers to be considered on arbs. Bookmakers are either optional or required. By use of, market filters, users can choose the sports and markets they like.

These filters are set up in the settings page, under the filter option. However on the main screen is a quick filter bar that allows the change of the minimum arb and the required bookmaker.


Bookmakers can always be customized for use in a pre-match arbitrage. For instance, on the off chance that you have a significant portion of your bankroll on a particular bookmaker, you can choose to force this bookie on all arbs showed. They are set as compulsory, and other different bookies as are displayed as optional. Bookmaker setup is considerably more than simply picking which bookies you want to use.

Something else that users can set is auto login details which are your username and password. Then select the link to the various bookies’ websites. The user can establish the bookmaker’s currency as well as the tax and commission information.

This page shows the bookmark setup layout.

Default currency can be set together with stake and the odds format either decimal or fraction. Finally there are the regional settings. These require the user to choose the time zone and language. You can choose from these language options:  Swedish, English, Greek, Deutsch, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and French.


Each sure bet is computed on this calculator. Users must determine the total stake or the stake for one of the outcomes and RebelBetting will calculate other stakes, the arbitrage rate, return on every bet and profit or loss. Click on the radio button on the leg you want to set fixed. If you do not do this, the total stake is used in the calculation. The calculator permits clients to change the odds. It supports different currencies, commissions, and rounding. By default, the profit is the same for all outcomes, but users can check which outcomes to maximize on.

Below is the diagram of the calculator.


Customer Support

Through emails a fast response is given for customer support. In the Arbusers forum, RealBetting participates by posting answers to questions and providing other relevant information. There is additionally a user manual accessible on the web and a FAQs page with heaps of helpful data.

Subscription plans

These are the two subscription plans:

Free membership– the maximum arbitrage indicated is 0.6%.Cross market arbs or middles are not shown.

Paid membership-It incorporates all usefulness. It costs 129 EUR every month. There are other different choices for small or amplified memberships:

  • One week: 39 EUR.
  • Six months: 89 EUR every month (must pay 499 EUR for the initial six months).
  • 12 months: 69 EUR every month (must pay 799 EUR for the initial 12 months).

Installments should be possible by Skrill, Credit card or Neteller.

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