OddsMonkey Review 2021

The issue confronting numerous matched bettors is to pay or not to pay. For them, it’s about reducing losses to a minimum and expanding those profits. In this way, for some, the prospect of paying a month to month expense for a premium service like OddsMonkey is not one they’re willing to engage.

Is it worth the speculation?

Yes, it is worth the investment. Don’t you worry. All your fears regarding the matter will be addressed here in a completely honest way.

What is OddsMonkey?

It is a membership based matched betting service that demonstrates to clients accepted methods to benefit from bookmaker, casino and bingo offers. At the point when OddsMonkey launched in August 2011, they were exclusively an odds matching service. Clients were able to compare odds easily. Their odds matching is still the best around. It was popular to the point, that other numerous matched betting services paid them monthly to use it on their websites.

Unavoidably, OddsMonkey settled on the choice to offer an entire matched betting package and launched a new website in April 2016. They now depict themselves as a team of programmers and matched bettors, committed to helping their clients acquire a manageable, tax-free income each month.

Would it be advisable for me to join a Premium Service?

The response depends altogether on your circumstance.

In case you’re new to this, the recommendation is to keep reading the blog. From the basic guidelines to the point by point offer-specific blog entries, its custom fitted towards helping novices. It has all that you have to begin, and it won’t cost you any money.

In case you’re a more experienced better and are searching for approaches to expand your productivity, you should join to OddsMonkey. There are numerous methods for boosting your profits past the welcome and reload offers, for example, accumulator offers.

Why pick OddsMonkey?

Once you make a decision to join a premium matched betting service, you will have to pick one from the many scattered all over the web. Having been a part for quite a while, I highly suggest OddsMonkey. Their range of tool is priceless, and their membership charges are exceptionally focused.

If your choice is the premium membership, you will need to pay £15.00 every month. That is significantly less expensive than the £20.00+ monthly charge by different sites. There is likewise an alternative to agreeing to accept an entire year for just £150.00. It adequately gives you two free months, bringing your normal month to month cost down to simply £12.50. Keep in mind; this is a holding nothing back bundle, so there are no concealed expenses!

In spite of their brilliant tools and low costs, the friendly staff is another thing that is great about OddsMonkey. Their greatest desire is to give an ideal incentive to their clients, which is something everyone can appreciate. They are continually coming up with new tools for their clients at no additional cost. Saying this doesn’t imply that they won’t ever expand their costs, yet the considerable thing about their evaluating structure is that once you join at a specific rate that is the rate you pay for the lifetime of your account.

OddsMonkey has many clients paying just £5.00 every month. That was the month to month rate when they agreed to accept the first premium odds matches benefit. At the point when OddsMonkey relaunched the site in 2016 as a complete matched betting package, their costs were frozen. It’s their method for expressing gratitude toward their dedicated clients. Along these lines, when you join while the cost is £15.00 every month and they increment it sooner or later, you’ll keep on paying £15.00 every month for as long as you hold the membership.

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These are the tools they have:

Odds Matcher

Their odds matcher is without a doubt the best around and does analysis from a wide range of bookmakers.

I do believe that you do not require an odds matcher to do betting. There are so many football matches and horse racing events to lack something to bet.

However, I know they are very valuable but be cautious how you use them. Vary your bets each time by not always taking the best alternative. With such a strategy you are sure not to be found out and get your accounts closed down by matched bettors.

The Each way Matcher

Truth be told, this alone totally justifies the £15.00 monthly membership charge. Sometimes through your membership, you start to accumulate dividends. Each way arbing is the way of backing a horse every way and after that laying the win and place parts, to make an ensured benefit paying little attention to the result. The each way Matcher checks the business sectors in a moment and recognizes the races and horses that are most productive.

From the diagram above, the calculator is opened by clicking the tool on the right side. The calculator does the math and shows precisely the amount to lay on the win and place parts of your bet. OddsMonkey says that the each way Matcher can build your benefits by over £300.00 every month. Some OddsMonkey individuals have detailed winning up to £700.00 additional on top of their ordinary benefits, through each way arbing! It’s unquestionably something to consider as it is even done on gubbed accounts. Likewise, it can be used for extra place offers.

The Racing Matcher

Each and every day, there are horse racing offers available making the Racing Matcher very convenient and relevant. It lists any races that have an accessible offer. We essentially select the race and offer that we’re keen on and a list of the runners in order of lowest risk is displayed. We can make a careful decision on whether the qualifying bet merits putting successful odds.

The image below shows how it looks.

The Acca Matcher

It is a great tool for a more experienced matched better. It covers four unique accumulator types: no lay, lay sequential, lay toward the begin and lock in profit.

The Acca Matcher looks at bookmakers from a pool of over 20 and exchange odds, giving the best esteem aggregator bets. It additionally knows which leagues are allowed for each offer, hence displays only those relevant to you as shown in the image. The normal estimation of every aggregator is shown, and it’s truly simple to alter the accumulator by essentially swapping choices as you wish.

There are other ways on which you can play around with your choices. Deciding on the sizes of the accumulator, determining the minimum or greatest odds and even the extent you might want the accumulator to last. It saves you a lot, and it’s certain to build your benefits.

Dutch Search

In case you’re acquainted with dutching, you’ll realize that it’s an extraordinary method for fixing up your profit, particularly on any gubbed accounts you may have. Some may not know what it entails but, it’s very clear. Dutching is the way toward covering all outcomes of an event by supporting them at various bookmakers, with a specific end goal to make a benefit. A case of this would be a tennis match where you back both Player A and Player B but with different bookmakers.

Since your productivity relies on upon the odds, the Dutch Search tool crawls through the chances of more than 70 bookmakers. The outcomes are then displayed in order of profitability. The tool has a rating of over 100.00 meaning it is of great benefit!

An example of a Dutch Search Tool

Casino and Bingo Offers

It is yet another area where OddsMonkey covers. Wondering how casinos make their money? It is through the ‘house edge.’ For instance, if a specific slot machine has a house edge of 5%, for each £100.00 staked by the client, the casino will gain £5.00, and the client will have £95.00.

Much the same as the sports betting offers, the bookmakers will likewise run offers, trying to get their clients saving and playing. Because of the house edge, the offer is only beneficial if the betting requirements are positive. Say, for instance, you have a £20.00 casino bonus from a bookmaker if you stake £20.00. The terms express that the club reward must be bet ten times before allowing withdrawal.

Bet Type Total Stake House Edge Loss
Qualifying £20.00 5% £1.00
Bonus £200.00 5% £10.00

In this way, as should be obvious, you would lose £1.00 on your qualifying wagers and £10.00 on betting your reward, giving you an expected value of +£9.00.

After some time, these offers are productive. However, it’s vital to comprehend that there is much variance included. The above figures depend on averages. Some of the time you will lose, and others you may win huge.

You can find Available offers on the Daily Offer Calendar.


Towards the beginning, I said that you don’t need to pay a membership fee to be a productive matched bettor. This blog is 100% permitted to use, and you may choose however you want to navigate it. It provides you with plenty of information. We have an unfathomable forum on there and fundamentally every topic as for facilitated betting has been discussed sooner or later.

OddsMonkey is a phenomenal premium service, for the many reasons portrayed out above and if you’re dead serious about increasing your profits, you’d be silly not to join. They’ve served more than 30,000 customers since their dispatch in 2011, which is an exhibit of the wonderful service they give. There is a free trial which enables you to make sense of the site in case you do not feel it right to commit right away.

If you do join, there is a 30-day unqualified guarantee. Hence, if you pick it’s not for you, you can wipe out your enlistment at whatever point within the 30 days and get a refund. Get started soon with maximizing your profits with this risk-free offer.

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