Ice Hockey & US Sports Arbitrage

You can get a real abundance of arbs from NHL games, but they are going to be honestly complicated as there are plenty of different rules regarding ‘overtime’ with all the books. If there is a draw after the normal sixty minutes, there’s a fifteen minute overtime where the first score means instant victory for the team that makes it. This is not a hard concept to wrap your mind around, but not all books include this overtime period in their prices. So if a deal looks like an arb, it can turn into something else quite quickly.

All in all, good UK arbitrageurs prefer to stay away from NFL and other US games because of these differences with overtime, pitchers, ties and the rest. Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Golf, Horse Racing and Tennis are the areas where Englishmen can hope for the most. Darts is not something that needs to be discussed profoundly as the majority of arbitrage deals here are very forthright and easily found through special arb systems. As for Horse Racing, it really can be complicated at times and will be spoken about later in great detail.

The conclusions to draw from this part are approximately such: arbitrage trading has a lot more to it than is visible upon the  first glance. The modern betting and trading markets are constantly evolving, with more and more kinds of bets on offer, which spawns plenty of novel opportunities. By the time you read this collection of arb-related information, no doubt some new opportunities will be emerging. If you are going to become a prosperous arbitrageur, never stop learning. Keep monitoring the bookmakers’ propositions and the markets – and the ways to combine them, of course.

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