Horse Racing Arbitrage Strategy

For all horse racing fans out there who not only enjoy watching the sport but would desire to make money from the hobby. If you are looking for a horse racing arbitrage strategy that brings huge profits, then this is it. Unfortunately, the vast majority don’t win at horse racing betting. Statics evaluate that 95% of all horseplayers lose cash at the diversion. Fear not, with the right strategy you could greatly benefit from this.

If triumphant at horse betting were simple, everyone would do it. Carefully read on this strategy, and you will be a pro better. It not only provides a way of moving money from bookmakers to exchanges but also provides value in the process.

Horse Racing Arbitrage Strategy

To begin, you need a low commission betting exchange like Smarkets or Matchbook. A betting exchange trade is not the same as conventional bookmakers. Rather it gives a matchmaking administration which consolidates bets made by backers and layers. When you put down a bet, you are doing it against another punter, rather than against the bookmaker itself. The principle preferred standpoint is fundamental: a bookie needs you to lose because you’re betting against them, however with a trade wager you are betting against another player. You also need bookmakers that offer Best Odds Guaranteed.

We find these bookmakers on Oddschecker where there is a box with a green tick along the line best odds guaranteed. For this illustration, I will utilize Smarkets.

Let us begin by looking for a horse whose nearly back, and whose cost is at a Best Odds Guaranteed bookmaker and low commission trade. We can offer a lay price that matches the present BOG bookmaker costs. After the lay bet gets matched, put down the back bet at a BOG bookmaker. When Copper Baked loses, there is a £100 win minus the 2% commission from Smarkets £98 and a loss of £100 from Bet365.

The key to this strategy is the expansive potential upside from the BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) promotion. That is that if a horse’s beginning price changes after you sponsored it, you would get paid at the higher starting price. So if Copper Baked price changes before the off and went off at a cost greater than 1.9, then Bet365 would pay out at its beginning price under the BOG promotion. For instance, if Copper Baked changed to 2.5 before the off and won we would then be paid £150 by Bet365 and lose just £90 from Smarkets.

With a benefit of £60, we break even when our risk of loss was just over £2. In this case, we get a horse appraised at 2.5 for odds of 31.0, and this happens regularly in the horse racing markets. When we use this technique, there is a much bigger upside than there is a drawback. Likewise, by sticking to shorter top choices, it doesn’t look like ordinary arbitrage to the bookmakers. This technique is an excellent method for building your trading exchange alongside coordinated betting and arbitrage. Since the goal here is to benefit as much as possible; you will require an exchange that has a lower commission than Betfair. In the long run, paying 3%, less commission is going to add to more noteworthy profits.

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