Cricket Arbitrage

Even although Pinnacle does not cover cricket, when the cricket season is on you can get a major amount of arbitrage deals – nowhere near what tennis can offer, but still. Do not forget that tennis and soccer are simply the two sports that supply the most surebet arbs, but this is no reason for … Read more

Baseball Arbitrage

baseball arbitrage

Among all US sports, major league baseball or MLB is what gives you the biggest among of arbitrage deals. But ‘constant vigilance’ has to become your motto in baseball arbitrage, because one of the legs being voided is a very common situation here because of the differences in the rules between various bookies. The majority … Read more

Boxing Arbitrage

There is little sports arbitrage in the boxing field, but usually you can catch one or two rather punctually. Most of these arbs will be between European and US bookmakers, as most big boxing matches occur in the United States. When it comes to exchange arbitrage deals, this becomes even more true. The boxing markets … Read more

Football arbitrage

Football (Soccer) is a sort of an arbitrage betting heaven, if for no other reason then for the sheer number of games, especially the ones that are played when the European football season is played. Bookmakers are unable to pay attention to everything – and this is where the happy go lucky arbitrageurs have all … Read more

Golf Arbitrage

For most parts of the year there will be plenty of golf-related arbitrage trading deals for you; the only dead season is winter. Of course, tennis and soccer arbs are still more frequent but you should not overlook the golf market if you have got your mind set on a great number of victories. Here … Read more

Horse Racing Arbitrage

Apart from the US-based sports, horse racing is a unique phenomenon that collects the largest number and total sum of bet nearly daily. A not so long (in the general run of history) time ago this particular area belonged to bookmakers alone – but then the exchanges came forward. To be very exact, it was … Read more

Ice Hockey & US Sports Arbitrage

You can get a real abundance of arbs from NHL games, but they are going to be honestly complicated as there are plenty of different rules regarding ‘overtime’ with all the books. If there is a draw after the normal sixty minutes, there’s a fifteen minute overtime where the first score means instant victory for … Read more

Rugby arbitrage

Fewer people are interested in rugby than in soccer, but even so there is quite a significant number of arbitrage betting possibilities going on here. The odds compilers often cannot agree on the most possible outcome, which offers certain high margin surebets  to the seeker. Moreover, rugby too provides a rich ground for the middle … Read more

Tennis Arbitrage

Arbitrage deals that are tennis-related sum up to about 40% of all arbs you can get in a year. More often than not there will be several arbs a month, because tennis is played professionally for the bigger part of the year. Taking into account that a tennis match includes only two players/teams, these arbs … Read more