OddsMonkey Review 2021

oddsmonkey review

The issue confronting numerous matched bettors is to pay or not to pay. For them, it’s about reducing losses to a minimum and expanding those profits. In this way, for some, the prospect of paying a month to month expense for a premium service like OddsMonkey is not one they’re willing to engage. Is it … Read more


It is a Windows application to identify and convey sports betting arbitrage openings. It was created by Clarobet AB, a software company in Sweden. Those involved were programmers and sports betting specialists. It started in late 2007 when two software engineers and two poker players began building up the application. In 2009 they had clients … Read more

BetBurger review 2021


One of the more current players in the arbitrage ready software market, having been established in 2014. It was free for one month but is now a paid service. BetBurger sports a perfect, cutting edge web interface with basically every one of the fancy odds and ends one could want to discover. It is recommended … Read more

Zero Risk Arbitrage

Arbs found by software Links to all the book sites Features a built-in calculator program First you run a free trial, then you pay 140 per month This is one of the first arbitrage services ever on the web, a sort of a great-grandparent to the others. Nevertheless, while in their youth they had no … Read more