Boxing Arbitrage

There is little sports arbitrage in the boxing field, but usually you can catch one or two rather punctually. Most of these arbs will be between European and US bookmakers, as most big boxing matches occur in the United States. When it comes to exchange arbitrage deals, this becomes even more true.

The boxing markets offer some curious arbitrage scenarios that arb services pay no attention to, so once again prepare for some manual searches. Largely the reason for such situations is because they involve bookmakers from different countries that profess different rules. European bookmakers are a lot more likely to offer Draw or Tie bets than US ones, so the US bookie will almost surely refund your bet in case of a match ending in a Tie situation. Because of this some nearly arbitrage deals can become pure surebet arbs. Here is an example: the US bookie may offer 1.75 for Boxer 1 and 2.00 for Boxer 2. At the same time, a European bookmaker will give 1.50 for Boxer 1, 2.50 for Boxer 2 and 26.0 for a Tie. If we mind the best prices available here, the Tie one included, this situation looks like its pretty far from an arb with its -0.99% profit. However, the possibility of the US book giving you a complete refund in case of a tie you’ll only need to cover your bet with the European bookmaker – and receive a nice 1.22% arbitrage deal!

See for yourself:

Betting 282.9 on Boxer 1 gives you a 5.97 profit with a 495.07 pay out.
Betting 198.00 on Boxer 2 gives you a 5.9 profit with a 495.00 pay out.
Betting on 8.20 on a Tie gives you 7.00 profit with a total 496.00 pay out in case of a tie.

All in all, you need 489.10 to make the bets.

As it has been already stated, arb services never recognise situations of this sort, which is why such arbs need to be looked for manually. Mind that you can use the same concept when it comes to Golf or other sports where ties are offered or not depending on the particular book.

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