8. Bonus Sports Arbitrage

The exchanges almost never give you bonuses, no matter how long you use the system. About the only exception from this rule is Betdaq who occasionally offer to decrease a commission – in case of a recruitment drive. The books, on the other hand, have plenty of ‘reload’ bonuses on offer, as well as granting bonuses to every newly registered account. With a bonus you can, for instance, match a deposit up to a clearly defined amount or place a free bet – with a limit of 25 pounds or something like that, once again. Small bookmakers whom few have heard a word about offer imprudently huge bonuses from time to time, but I personally wouldn’t touch their sites with a barge pole. I’ve known guys who had to go to enormous trouble to get their money back from such people.

Certain bookies will send you occasional bonus offers without any action from your part, so read the emails that come from the sites you’re registered on before discarding. It’s really unwise to refuse free money! Even though before this money’s fully yours you’ll have to turn it over once or twice. Well, to speak frankly, even this can be avoided.

You can bet the bonus/deposit you’ve got from the site as one leg and make a bigger profit because of the free bet; that much should be clear. The free money allow you to use low percentage arbitrage deals – and make profit. Just to use up your bonus and get the money onto your account, it may be good to use a simple zero value arb. If you’ve got a bonus from each bookmaker you are going to turn to in the process of making your arb, strive to win both! There are plenty of bookies offering such bonuses, and you just have to get the most out of it.

And Here’s the Round-Up!

It’s already been stated that if you’ve got enough time and wits, and a laptop, you’re all set up for an engaging, advantageous journey into the wild country of arbitrage. However, you’ll also need a lot of attention. Arbs work, and they work well, and I’m giving you all the ideas to make them work better. In the future you can even start treating arbitrage trading as your main source of income. But there are issues that can interfere with this wonderful plan. And no, they don’t lie in the realm or math, they don’t concern choosing the right bookmakers/exchanges sites – they aren’t situated in the outside world at all, in fact. It’s all in your head! I’ve recently celebrated my thirties anniversary as a gambler, and I can tell you straight forward, there were plenty of smart, gifted guys who lost more than they took from arbitrage. There were also guys who weren’t so bright yet they achieved considerable success. That was because their attitude was different, more positive and self-assured. I think I’ve said it to you at least once, and I’ll say it again: if you want to become a winner, you need to accept that you can also lose. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you make. Accept the arbs that have failed to work for your benefit. Move on – and start winning eventually.

Arbitrage’s essential fault is that it forms a habit to win – and that’s a gateway to a slippery slope. Confidence is all good, but not when it goes into your head. Suppose you make a mistake, yet win a bonus on it – do you honestly think it means you can make it again and earnestly hope for the same? If you miss covering a big outsider – are you sure it won’t come up when you least expect it, ruining your clever arb? There are things that don’t work normally but do work once, maybe twice. Doesn’t mean they suddenly can forfeit all laws and become your personal system.
Opt for concentration, be sure of yourself – even when it means you have to be sure that you’ve made a mistake. Follow the trading rules. There will always be arbs for you – they never fade from the market. And there will always be arbs that you win, and arbs that you lose. When it comes to making a fortune using arbitrage, everything is only in your own hands – and in your head.

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