BetBurger review 2021

One of the more current players in the arbitrage ready software market, having been established in 2014. It was free for one month but is now a paid service. BetBurger sports a perfect, cutting edge web interface with basically every one of the fancy odds and ends one could want to discover. It is recommended to all beginners and more experienced arbers. This online service gives sure bet alerts for pick and live events. It also gives odds comparison.

BetBurger Principle features

BetBurger shows sure bets and middles, for current and future events. Multiple screens are used to display future and live sure bets. BetBurger gathers odds from 56 bookmakers and trades (however considering clone bookies it covers more than 100).

It brings arbs for an essential number of games and markets in a cutting edge and clean outline. There is a variety of sports, about twenty. The markets include 1X2, handicaps, sums and others.

They cover a high number of cross-market sure bets, including many three leg arbs. They include full-time (with and without extra minutes), halves of football, sets on tennis and volleyball, quarters on basketball, periods of Hockey, diverse innings on baseball and different choices relying upon the sport.

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BetBurger Unique features

The arbitrage window shows all relevant information about all arbs on a rectangle with a colored border. A green frame identifies new arbs, and a red one tells the match that is about to begin. Orange means distinctive principles and blue is utilized on live games to show intervals while a yellow background on middles.

All arbs show the sport, date, arb rate on ROI, league and teams, period, markets outcomes and odds. By each odd, you can see an arrow up or down after a change. The sure bet calculator pops up on clicking the arb percentage.

Clicking on the desired odds takes you to the bookmaker site where you can select the event and market to put down the bet. Depending on the bookmaker you will have the Bet Slip officially filled, or you will do it by yourself.

BetBurger additionally offers chances comparison. By clicking on a particular result in the arbitrage window, you will go to the odds comparison page for the specific event and market. In this page, you can see the chances for every market (and all spreads or adds up to) and select whatever other market is accessible.

Another feature is a bookkeeping application to record bets and other transactions over your bookmaker and wallet accounts. You can record every bet from BetBurger’s calculator and oversee transactions such as withdrawals and deposits. The bookkeeping application is just accessible to paid clients and is no longer available after your subscription expires.


The arbitrage window has a filter segment on the left where the user can decide the conditions to choose arbitrage openings. An arrangement of checkboxes permits to enable or disable a few components like programmed chances upgrades, sound and popup alarms, grouping sure bets by events, showing arbs with various guidelines or same bookmaker and demonstrating two and additionally three legs arbitrages.

Users can specify maximum and minimum values for many items including percentage and ROI. BetBurger can consider every single event or only the ones that will be played in the following minutes, hours or days. At last, users can picked which bookmakers to incorporate and which games and markets to consider. Every one of these conditions can be grouped under a custom filter and saved with a name. You can characterize a few filters and apply one of them whenever. Multi-filters are also permitted.

In the arbitrage window above, users can expel the data they no longer need to see by filtering the undesirable odds, arbitrage or events. Users can click on a plus alongside each odd to particularly reject that odd. It is helpful if for reasons unknown this odd is incorrect or it indicates unexisting arbs. It could also be that when you put down a bet on this odd, you can’t put down a similar bet again on account of bookmakers limits. A user can likewise reject the entire arbitrage and even all arbitrages from an event by expelling that event.

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Users can set their email and password, bookmakers, define currency, and commission.


Just like in RebelBetting it calculates each sure bet. Users must indicate the total stake or the stake for one of the outcomes. The calculator will compute different stakes, the arbitrage rate and loss or profit on every leg. Only make certain to click the radio button on the leg you need to set settled. This is shown below

Customer Support

Like most customer support services, BetBurger can be contacted by email. Upon sending a message they provide a very quick response. Although there is no user manual, they offer information about how to use the site. BetBurger participates in Arbusers forum where they post information and answers to questions.

Users can notify BetBurger if there is any wrong arbitrage. This is done from the horn icon under the arb rate. When the horn is clicked on, it dismisses the arbitrage and for those who do not click on it warns them. Indicate the error you encounter. It is helpful for future support.

Membership plans

  • EUR 80 per month for Prematch
  • EUR 150 per month for Live match
  • EUR 200 per month for Prematch + Live match

Payment is through Skrill. There is also a free subscription that only shows arbs below or equal to 1%.The free plan does not contain the features the paid plans have. Lastly, you can always freeze your account for 1 to 4 weeks in order to extend your subscription. When you use it for a short period, this is especially useful.

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